Evolutionary Argument Against Naturalism – Atheism

Evolutionary Argument Against Naturalism – Atheism

via Evolutionary Argument Against Naturalism – Atheism.

via Evolutionary Argument Against Naturalism – Atheism.


Science-Based Life

As a promoter of science literacy and therefore the theory of evolution, I often get some push back from those who are either unaware of the tenets of the theory, or are straight up opposed to it.

One of the most common arguments is to say that evolution is impossible, because evolving something as complex as the human eye, for example, would be “like a tornado going through a junkyard and creating a 747.” This is meant to imply that creating a complex structure is impossible by chance, and therefore that there had to be some “intelligent design” to the process.

Of course, this does sound like a serious claim if you have never learned the ins and outs of evolutionary theory, but just a brief introduction to evolution could sort this fallacy out.

Fixing the Fallacy

So the “tornado in a junkyard” fallacy assumes that 1) evolution works completely…

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Fleeing Nergal, Seeking Stars

With the early successes of my tongue-in-cheek War on Christmas, it’s time to open up another front. I recently came across an article defending the Nativity’s historicity via a friend on Facebook. I figure, I already dealt with the Pope, so another apologetic effort for the Nativity is work the while. This comes from J.W. Wartick, a grad student in apologetics at Biola University according to his info page, so that probably makes him a better read on defenses of the faith than the Pope. So let me take a look at what he proposes here that makes the stories of Jesus’ birth in the Gospels more historical than fiction.

First, J.W. brings up a method that seems to have only been recently resurrected by Christian philosopher Timothy McGrew called unintentional coincidences. Very basically, if two accounts are independent but the details of one fill in the…

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